russian blue cat playing on a swing with other toys


Cats yearn for variety. But coming up with new games to lure them in isn’t always easy. We hear you, owner. Let us help you deepen your bond with your cat through an assortment of playtime ideas.

sketch of cat playing with toys

Bring out their wild side

Think only dogs like playing fetch? Not so. Cats’ natural hunting, pouncing and stalking instincts make this game one of their favorite activities. Pick a special toy to make it extra enticing. If your cat doesn’t fetch right away, don’t give up. Pick up the toy, return to your spot and throw it again. They’ll eventually start bringing it back to you on their own.

sketch of cat playing with toy

Entice them with teaser toys

Oh, meow! Cat teaser and wand toys made with brightly colored feathers are perfect for engaging your cat’s natural hunting instincts. This is also an interactive way to get some one-on-one time with your favorite feline while giving them some easy exercise.

sketch of cat playing with bouncy ball

Game, set, match

A simple ping-pong ball can provide ample fun for your cat. It’s safe to toss at a wall or across the floor and fun to watch them chase and capture it. Its smooth, round shape makes it tough to corral, which means even more exercise for kitty.

sketch of cat looking at food

Follow the feeder

Your cat can’t resist the shake-shake of a food container or treat bag. Instead of giving them a treat right away, walk to a different room and watch them parade after you. You’re welcome.

sketch of cat playing with a box of flowers

Love means variety

Change up your cat toys. By giving them fresh choices, they’ll engage in a wider variety of play behaviors and interact with you more meaningfully. Bore your baby? We think not.

sketch of cat playing with a sheet

Lost and found

Peek-a-boo. Your cat loves a little mystery. Try hiding a toy under a blanket and wiggling it around to build their paw-eye coordination. Or, what the heck, try hiding yourself. Disappear behind a desk, a door or under the bed, and then call your cat. They’ll love the opportunity to practice “stalking” you.

sketch of cat playing with a plant

Toy time in overdrive

This is no game of cat and mouse, friend. Cats love to chase cars. Get out the small remote control variety to activate their primal curiosity. When the car drives off, your cat’s hunting instincts will kick in and they’ll chase it down — making way for plenty of exercise. Want to amp up the animal fun? Tie a toy to the back of the car and watch your kitty go.

Try these other cat toys to tempt them:

  • Plush mice or balls
  • A colorful pop-up tunnel or tent
  • A ramp with a scratching surface
  • Interactive brainteaser toys or puzzles designed for cats
  • Cat-safe feather or ribbon wands