Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have coupons?
    We know you love to save money – so here are a few tips to help you out! Keep an eye on your local Sunday paper, store circulars and the pet food aisle for periodic promotions. Need another tip? Keep an eye on our website and Our team doesn’t have manufacturer’s coupons to send right now.
  • Can my pet catch coronavirus?
    Based on current information, it’s very unlikely. Research shows that dogs and cats are not infected easily with this virus, and there’s no evidence that they can transmit the virus to people or other pets at home.
  • Where do you source your ingredients?

    Our ingredients are carefully selected for the health and well-being of the pets we feed. For this reason, we're committed to sourcing our ingredients from suppliers located near our manufacturing facilities when possible. 

  • How can I protect my pet from getting coronavirus?
    At this time, research suggests it’s very unlikely your pet can contract COVID-19 and there's no evidence they can infect others at home. We recommend:
    - thorough handwashing
    - keeping pets away from anyone infected
    - confining pets if they've been around someone infected
  • Do you trust your suppliers?
    Rest assured we are confident in the ingredient integrity of all of our suppliers because they demonstrate the ability to consistently meet the strict and thorough standards of our own Supplier Quality Assurance program, regardless of where they are located. As a key part of this program, our suppliers undergo frequent quality audits to ensure our expectations are met. We use trusted suppliers that are selected through a rigorous process that doesn’t end with our first purchase – we test every shipment delivered to our manufacturing facilities to ensure the safety and quality of the ingredients we use.
  • Can my pet carry the virus in its fur?
    Your pets’ fur is like any other surface so it’s important you practice thorough handwashing after handling them, keep pets away from anyone infected and confine pets if they've been around someone infected.
  • How do I read/where is the “Best By” date on the package?

    (Wet): You will find the “Best By” (BB) date on the side of the plastic trays. Following the letters BB, there’s a two- digit month, day and year expiration date. Example: If you see BB 02 21 19, the food should be fed by February 21, 2019.

    (Treats): You will find the Best By date on the back of each treat. Following the phrase Best By there’s a two digit month, day and year expiration date. Example: If you see Best By 02 21 19, the treat should be fed by February 21, 2019.

  • Do you recommend my pet wear a mask?
    There’s no scientific evidence that masks protect pets from infectious diseases or air pollutants. Pets’ faces are more varied than human faces so a mask is unlikely to fit properly. Also, we can't explain to pets why we are putting something on their face so they may get scared.
  • If I have a questions or want to learn more about Sheba, how can I get in touch with someone?
    You can speak to a Mars Petcare US representative by calling 1-800-525-5273 between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM CST Mon–Fri.
  • Should I still take my pet for a walk?
    Yes — pets love exercise! Take your dog for a walk on a leash, preferably with limited-to-no interaction with other people or pets.
  • Can I still take care of my pet if I am sick?
    When possible, have another member of your household care for your animals if you are sick. If you must care for your pet or be around animals while you are sick, wash your hands before and after you interact with pets.
  • Is there a risk my pet could get coronavirus from your food?
    Please be assured that the current coronavirus outbreak does not pose a food safety risk to humans or pets, either through packaging or the food itself. The processing conditions involved in the production of our food products are sufficient to destroy the virus.
  • Are the locations where you source your ingredients from safe for pets to eat?
    We source ingredients from many regions around the world, and only use high-quality ingredients that meet local laws as well as our own high standards. The processing conditions involved in the production of our food products are sufficient to destroy the virus.
  • I can’t find my usual food in any shops, what’s happened?
    Pet food is essential, and we are continuing to make the foods your pet needs and loves. There is no shortage of our pet food and we want to ask all pet owners to please be considerate and only purchase the food your pet needs.
  • I can't get my usual food. Is it okay for me to switch diet?
    Yes! Ideally choose a similar food (dry or wet) and slowly incorporate small amounts of the new food over the course of one week to ensure that a sudden change does not cause a dietary upset.
  • I’m worried about my personal situation and not being able to get enough food for my pet – what do you suggest?
    We know this can be a worrying time and you always want what’s best for your pet. We are working closely with all our pet shelter partners and would encourage you to speak to them for any support in your local area.