SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ Bistro Chicken in Alfredo Sauce Entrée

Products SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ Bistro Chicken in Alfredo Sauce Entrée
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Your cat knows what they want… and what they want is the delicious taste of SHEBA. Treat your feline to an elegant meal of SHEBA PERFECT PORTIONS Bistro Wet Cat Food, crafted in irresistible flavors inspired by your own favorite culinary delights. This Chicken in Alfredo Sauce entree is made without grain or corn. With a delectable, meaty texture, your cat will devour every tasty bite. SHEBA PERFECT PORTIONS offer two convenient servings in right-sized trays for a delicious meal every time. Show your cat some love… this grain free soft wet cat food is sure to satisfy even the pickiest appetite. Savor every delicious moment with SHEBA Wet Cat Food: What Cats Want.

  • Trace amounts may be present due to cross-contact during manufacturing.
Guaranteed Analysis
Made With

CHICKEN Great source of lean protein that supports strong lean muscles

Feeding Guidelines

Feed adult cats 3-4 servings per 5 pounds of body weight daily.

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