Russian blue cat sitting on owner's lap

Wet Your Cat's Appetite

When you have a finicky cat with a sophisticated palate, you're always searching for food that will make her happy. While it's fun to give her treats, consider adding wet food to her menu as well, because cats love variety. Like dry food, wet cat food is complete and balanced with the nutrients they need. But it has that extra something — cats love the softness and taste (like the delicious gravy).

Why wet food is good for cats
There are a lot of reasons cat parents consider introducing wet food into a cat's diet. When your cat isn't eating enough, wet food can whet her appetite again. When your cat isn't drinking enough water, wet food adds hydration to her diet. Wet food is especially important for cats who have urinary and kidney issues, because the high moisture content flushes out urinary crystals. It may even help prevent cat kidney problems.

Why use SHEBA?
Still, some cat parents are reluctant to use wet, canned food, because of the hassle, cost and leftovers. Struggling with the can, using utensils to scoop, mushing up the food and storing the leftovers can all make dry food more appealing. But a lot of cat parents still want to give wet food to their cats, because it’s healthy, flavorful and a little indulgent.

That’s why SHEBA developed PERFECT PORTIONS™ single servings that let you skip the hassle of wet food and ditch the can. It’s as easy as break, shake and serve. With no leftovers, it’s a fresh meal every peel.

The gourmet recipes, such as broth-based and gravy-covered entrees, give your cat a little extra hydration and love.

When it comes to keeping your cat happy, variety is key, and wet food is a tasty treat cats love with the complete nutrition they need.

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