russian blue cat laying in the light

The True-blue Story Behind the SHEBA® Brand’s Magnificent Covercat

On every SHEBA® package, you’ll see a pair of mesmerizing blue eyes staring at you, belonging to a Russian Blue cat in graceful repose. These attributes alone are enough reason to adopt a Russian Blue as your mascot. But wait, lovelies, there’s more to tell.

Let’s saunter through history to learn a bit more about this incredible cat breed.

russian blue cat licking its paw

A Czar-studded Past

Russian Blues are a naturally occurring breed, so no one knows their true origins; however, they likely originated somewhere in northwest Russia. Given their stately demeanor, some think they’re descended from the pets of Russian czars. Other theories claim they lived in the wilderness and were hunted for their luxurious and finely colored coats.

No one knows for sure. But who doesn’t love a little mystery in their history?

What is known is that they charmed British sailors in the bustling Russian port town of Arkhangelsk (“Archangel” in English), who then graciously offered them passage to Europe in the 1860s. This is why Russian Blue cats sometimes go by the moniker “Archangel Blues.” (And if that isn’t the name of a rock band, it should be.)

Not surprisingly, they made quite an impression in England. In 1875, Russian Blues were shown in one of the world’s first cat shows at London’s Crystal Palace. In a clear lack of the judges’ judgement, they didn’t win any prizes, but their beauty did capture loads of attention.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

russian blue cat laying on floor looking up

Blue and Beautiful

Despite their name, the Russian Blue’s fur is not actually blue. Modern Russian Blues’ famous fur runs the gamut of blueish grays, from deep slate to shimmering silver. They’re considered short-haired, but with a luxurious double-coat. Fortunately, they shed very little. If we had hair this gorgeous, we’d want to keep it all, too.

The personality that won over the world is still evident. They’re curious and smart, and while initially shy, are quick to warm up to people once they deem them worthy of their attention. As dainty groomers, they like things neat and tidy, and prefer a fairly set routine, thank you very much.

An expert on SHEBA® brand history sums it up: “[Russian Blues are] such a wonderful mix between premium and sophisticated and jaw-droppingly beautiful, while also retaining a touch of kitten-like cuteness that makes them so impossible to resist.”

All reasons why the Russian Blue has been the SHEBA® brand’s mascot for so many years. As you can see from these old ads, they’ve always looked fabulous.