grey cat looking at green bowl and a green pair

Only the Best for Your Cat: A Guide to the Premium Ingredients in Our Cat Food

It goes without saying that your cat wants only the best ingredients in juuuuust the right amounts. Delicious. Nutritious. More, please.

Cats can’t read labels, but you can. Let’s peruse the main ingredients we’ve stocked in the SHEBA® pantry — and why you should offer them to your cat.

fruits and vegetables and fish laying on table


It’s more than just the taste — as an obligate carnivore, your cat needs meat in their diet. Chicken is an excellent source of protein that’s easy to digest and helps them maintain lean, lithe muscles.


What cat wouldn’t be thrilled to dine on salmon? It’s a stellar source of protein and vital omega-3 fatty acids. It also helps keep kitty’s coat plush and shiny.


This rich protein source is also beefed up with vitamins and minerals like zinc, phosphorus and calcium, just to name a few. Plus niacin and selenium, to name a few more.

carrots in a bowl


Cats need to eat even more meat than dogs do. But including a few select veggies, like carrots and beans, serves up a variety of flavors while subtly adding fiber into your cat’s diet. (Shh … we won’t tell them if you don’t.)

Organ Meats

Your cat is licking their chops just thinking about it. Organ meats provide nutrients not found in muscle protein, and animal livers are one of the most nutrient-dense foods available. You might turn up your nose at liver, but your cat loves it — and will love you for it.

Fish Oil

The omega-3s in fish oil do more than give your cat that sleek, shiny coat you can’t wait to pet — they can also help support their heart and joint health.

If your cat has been reading this while perched on your shoulder, they’re probably meowing for you to fill their food bowl. To satisfy their taste buds and keep them primed for prowling, make sure SHEBA® Premium Wet Cat Food is on the menu.