male owner snuggling cat in celebration of cat's birthday and gotcha day

12 Ways to Celebrate Your Cat’s Birthday or Gotcha Day

Cat parents don’t hesitate to celebrate their divine feline, whether it’s a special occasion or not. However, few reasons are more purr-fect for partying than birthdays and gotcha days (e.g., their adoption day, first day home with you, day they were found as a stray, etc.). And although your feline is as sophisticated as they come, we’re sure they’ll let their fur down and cut loose with these celebration suggestions.

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1. Do Up the Decorations

A few colorful balloons tied off with shiny ribbons are a great way to set a festive feline mood — as long as popping doesn’t frighten your pet. Be sure to grab any latex or mylar bits of burst balloons before your cat can ingest them (same goes for the ribbons). Hang a glitter ball, focus a light on it and watch your whiskered wonder’s eyes grow wider than you’ve ever seen.

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2. Time for Toys

It’s a great day to cycle some fresh fun into your pal’s playtime. Introducing interactive toys that spark your cat’s hunting and chasing instincts will keep the kitten inside them going strong. You can try battery-powered options that use light, sound and motion, or go with tried-and-true basics like dangly hemp strings, puffballs and feather wands. And don’t forget catnip. Anything catnip.

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3. Cake, of Course!

Every annual celebration has to have a cake. And because this is your cat’s par-tay, make it paté. SHEBA® Perfect Portions™ Premium Patés are deliciously ideal for forming your own cat-day cake.

How about cat-safe candles? Simply break a few SHEBA® Meaty Tender Sticks into enough segments to mark the happy years you and your fabulous feline have spent together.

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4. A Green Gift

Surprise your sweetie with a cat-friendly plant! Better yet, there are dozens of plants such as catnip, cat thyme and cat grass identified as nontoxic for cats you can use to create a jungle for them to explore, play in and chew on. The different scents, shapes, colors, features and tactile sensations will provide a safe and exhilarating alternative to exploring outside.

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5. Meow-mories

Your phone is filled with treasured photos and videos of your beloved bestie. For a day this special, get your cat properly primped for a professional pet portrait. Take a few solo shots and a few with the family. You can even make it an annual tradition and collect the photos in an album, along with handwritten notes and stories capturing the highlights from the past year.

6. Paws to Play

If your fab feline has a friend whose company they enjoy, see if you can make this special occasion a party/playdate combo. Plan ahead so you know what your guest is allowed to eat and play with (and what’s prohibited) and have everything you need well-stocked.

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7. Pop the Cork

Is your party cat ready for a refreshment break? Open a bottle of lickable cat “wine” or “champagne” — liquid goodies flavored to treat your kitty’s tongue.

8. Next-level Pampering

You adore your four-pawed phenom, so you give them love and affection every single day. That just means this special day has to be over the top; the cat’s pajamas of pampering. Make their favorite sleeping spot extra cozy with a fresh towel or blanket, warm from the dryer. Indulge them with a super-long neck rub and back scratch. Look for little ways to really make the day unique.

9. Special Day? Make It a Week!

Look, some humans do it: stretch their birthday into a weeklong celebration — or even longer. Our furballs deserve just as much indulging, so consider spreading out the goodies, activities and attention. There are so many SHEBA® Perfect Portions™ products, you can switch up every meal with a different flavor of Bistro, Premium Patés, Cuts in Gravy and Garden Medleys for weeks.

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10. Sharing the Good

If you know your cat is happy with all that you already do for them, you can celebrate their special day by helping animals that aren’t as fortunate. You can give to charity or a research fund in your cat’s name, donate needed supplies to a local shelter or contribute to a worthy crowdfunding effort. Simply speaking up in support of animal-related causes is a priceless gift.

11. Remember Your Cat’s Roots

Before your cat found you, they probably lived in a shelter or with a foster parent. What better way to celebrate than by sending a photo and an update of your fine feline? The people who foster and keep shelters running do the work because they sincerely love the animals. Knowing they’re thought of and seeing that one of their cats is living well will mean a lot to them.

12. Maybe Don’t Do Something Today

For your cat, subtraction might be their favorite gift. If your cat misses you when you’re gone, work at home today and skip errands. Loud machines a problem? Push off vacuuming, doing the laundry and other noisy tasks. Don’t play your music as loudly or at all — instead, you can stream videos for cats on your laptop or TV. A few cuts to your routine can really add up! Just be careful not to make too many changes.

On any given day, we lavish our cats with the best of everything. And on the most meaningful days we share with them — birthday, gotcha day, un-stray day — we take the extra effort to show the love that made our home their forever home.